Additional information about excursion:

The whole trip is completely private, with the guidance of a professional guide - a local man who will introduce you the best to our city - Livno. Through the range of flavors, taste the tradition of Livno gastronomy, in the nature, on the fresh air. Enjoy the presence of wild horses privately, without other tourists.
Minimum number of people: three (3), but excursion for less can be specially arranged
Maximum number of people: twenty (20), discount for groups can be arranged
Professional guidance (Croatian- and English-speaking guide), (German-speaking with prior arrangement)
Possibilities of organizing accommodation
A visit to Franciscan monastery, a church and museum Gorica (Livno), and the spring of river Bistrica
Possibility of organizing multi-day excursions which would include visiting less famous destinations nearby
Reservations MUST be arranged via contact e-mail or mobile phone

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