A description of one-day excursion (4 - 5 hours):

Departing from Livno in the arranged time, with the company of English-speaking guide
Driving in comfortable field cars (4x4) (Toyota Land Cruiser and Mitsubishi Pajero)
Stop on the hill Bašajkovac where you can see a panoramic view of Livno and the surrounding area
Introduction to the rich cultural and historical heritage of the area
Picnic (breakfast) on the hill Bašajkovac – home-made food and drinks of organic origin included, gastro surprise
Off-road ride on the plateau Kruzi, searching for the wild horses and the introduction to the origin and the life of the wild horses on the plateau
After finding various herds of the wild horses, it is time for taking photographs and feeding the animals
Going to the nearby mountain-top with to view the Glamoč field
Stopping by in the nearby village for a lunch in a private hunter's hut (meals prepared under a baking bell, barbecue, hunter goulash, and other homemade specialties) – drinks are included in the price
With your consent, the whole excursion may be photographed using a professional camera and you can get the photos afterwards, via e-mail

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