Frequently Asked Questions - Q&A

When does my excursion begin?

Every excursion begins in the arranged time, according to your wishes and weather conditions.

Do I have to book the excursion prior to my arrival?

Yes, every excursion has to be booked beforehand in order to give us time to prepare it (food, transportation etc.)

Are small children allow to join the excursion?

Yes, our youngest tripper was two years old. Kids travel in child car safety seats.

What to wear for the trip?

We recommend you to wear sports outfit and footwear.

In which currency can we pay?

You can pay us in euros (€), Croatian kunas (kn), and Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible marks (KM).

Is any vegetarian menu offered?

Yes, we can prepare a vegetarian menu.

Am I allowed to bring a pet (dog)?

Yes, we are pet friendly.

Is arranging a trip for two possible?

Yes, it can be arranged.

Since the trip is including a contact with wild animals, is it safe?

Yes, the excursion is absolutely safe. Professional guides will be with you every second along the way and there is nothing to be feared of.

How long does the trip take?

It depends. A trip without the picnic takes around 3 hours; a trip including picnic takes about 4 hours; and the trip including a picnic and lunch may last more than 5 hours.

Are we allowed to feed the wild horses?

Yes, you can feed the horses, and our guides will show you how you can do it.

Are we allowed to take photos with the horses?

Yes, with your prior permission, one of the guides will take photos during the whole trip, and the photographs will be sent to you afterwards, via e-mail.

Do we have to walk during the trip?

Yes, to access the lookouts you will have to take a short walk (up to 10 minutes). Also, in order to follow the horses, you will have to be on foot.

What if it starts to rain during the trip?

If it starts raining lightly, we can take shelter in a car. In the case of heavy rain, we can shelter in a nearby mountain hut.

Do you offer accommodation for the guests?

No, we do not, but we can recommend you some of the accommodation capacities in the city of Livno (hotel, motel, or a suite).

Do you organize multi-day excursions?

Yes, with prior arrangement we can organize multi-day excursions.

Where to go after the excursion?

We can recommend you some interesting locations to visit in and around Livno. Also, with prior arrangement, we can assign a local guide to take you for a tour.

How to reach you?

We will send you the location when everything is arranged.

What if I am allergic to some food?

If you are, please tell us before the excursion.

What time in advance do we need to book the trip?

You can book the trip as late as a day before, provided that the picnic is not included. An excursion including picnic need to be booked at least two days before.

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