Hi, we are a young married couple living and working in Livno. Silvija is 25 and she is a politologist by profession, and Jakov is 29 and he is a geodesist.

We are both born and raised in Livno. After coming back from studies to Livno, an idea of organizing tours to see the wild horses occurred. Since 2017 we are organizing such excursions.

We find that our guests must taste homemade food and the recipes our grandmas used to follow, so you will try various types of local food during the excursion. Taste can be a best reminder of the location, thus when you try something delicious, you will remember when you were in that moment.
During the excursions, we are always listening to our guests and their wishes. We often attend the excursions together in order to make our guests as satisfied as possible. We design the excursion in such a way that the guests get full understanding of where they came. Apart from the wild horses, we introduce the guests with the rich cultural history of our city – Livno.

The excursions are ideal for team building, a pleasant family weekend in the nature or a surprise for loved ones.

We are looking forward to your visit!

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